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We offer premium brands in both gas and wood. A fireplace or wood stove provides warmth to your home, but it also adds tremendous value to the house. Studies have shown that a fireplace increases the value of a home by up to 12 percent. Whether you choose a wood burning unit or gas, a fireplace or stove becomes a focal point in the home. That’s why we sell high quality, high performance hearth appliances.
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Norsk Kleber Stoves & Fireplaces

Norsk Kleber has developed a beautiful range of stove models. Offering a timeless design with a contemporary touch. These stoves make a great centerpiece of any room. The heat retaining capacities and burning efficiency are the central focus of the Norsk Kleber design.

Bailey’s Chimney offers the Kube, Merethe, Babina and Marcello models. You can even stop into our showroom to see our burning display in person.
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  • Norsk Kleber Bobina

  • Norsk Kleber Kube

  • Norsk Kleber Marcello

  • Norsk Kleber Mereth

Renewable Solid Fuel (RSF) Fireplaces

RSF stands for Renewable Solid Fuel. RSF fireplaces are the top of the line high efficiency fireplaces. Known in the industry as the very best wood burning fireplaces available. For new construction, these fireplaces can be equipped with central heating kits so the fireplace can heat separate rooms, or even your entire home. Built for a lifetime of low maintenance warmth, RSF makes a variety of fireplaces for your heating and ambiance needs. If your are building a new home and you will settle for nothing but the best, RSF is the fireplace for you.
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Renaissance Fireplaces

Building your dream house, yet would rather not have wood be a main source of heat, even though you enjoy sitting by a real wood fire surrounded by beauty? Renaissance Fireplaces are made by the same company that produces RSF fireplaces. Made in a state of the art factory in Quebec, the Renaissance Rumford fireplaces are stunning in design and without peer when it comes to performance. Not designed as a primary heat source, these fireplaces are for ambiance. They are a wonderful upgrade for new construction that will help make the difference from very good to absolutely great.
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Osburn Wood Stoves & Fireplaces

Osburn wood stoves and fireplace inserts offer low maintenance, high performance, and durability. Offered in a wide variety of classic and contemporary designs, Osburn is a solid choice for a wood stove or fireplace insert.
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Kuma Wood Stoves

Made by a family owned business in Idaho, Kuma wood stoves and fireplace inserts offer the best warranty in the industry.
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Napoleon & Timberwolf Fireplaces & Stoves

Napoleon manufactures high-end fireplaces. Timberwolf is an economical wood stove option from Napoleon that doesn’t sacrifice quality.
Timberwolf Brochure (PDF)Napoleon Brochure (PDF)Napoleon Fireplace LogoVisit the Timberwolf Website

Ventis Wood Stoves

Ventis wood stoves are medium-sized, on a pedestal. EPA certified at only 2.4 g/h, these are the perfect stoves for smaller spaces.

Fashioned in a solid and quality manufacturing process, Ventis stoves employ non-catalytic combustion technology, with a cast iron door, top heat deflector and side panels. Stoves include a stainless steel heat shield added to the firestop.
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