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Thank you for your interest in working with Bailey’s Chimney. We have positions available for certified chimney sweeps, chimney sweep helpers, and office work positions.

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Our purpose is twofold: 1) To keep our clients warm and safe in their homes and 2) to provide great careers for great people. Our mission is to raise the level of chimney service in New Mexico to the modern standard of care. Our values are Safety, Integrity, Respect, Value, Service and Making a Difference. We are looking for people whose values align with our values.


New hires start at $18/hr. Health Care, Retirement, and PTO benefits begin after a 90 day probationary period. All new hires get a $1 raise after the probationary period. Within a 30 to 60 days, new helpers will receive commissions/bonuses for performing certain tasks. These bonuses will raise the hourly rate between $4 and $6 per hour. Therefore by the time the probationary period ends, our apprentices are earning around $21/hr.

Those helpers who show initiative, demonstrate the ability to supervise a helper, have the opportunity to become installers. Installers should be certified. Our lead techs can earn over $80,000 per year once they become experts at the trade.
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New hires for this position will begin at $18/hour. Once this position extends into a full-time position there will be a raise. Healthcare, retirement, and PTO will be offered. Those who show integrity, demonstrate the ability to be a leader and uphold our core values will have the opportunity to move up. Employees that add value, are valued.
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