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In early November Bailey’s sent J.D. and Luke to clean and inspect my fireplace and clothes dryer vent. The work was completed quickly and competently, and I was impressed that the crew took extra precautions to keep my house clean. During his chimney inspection, J.D. noticed that mortar was missing between some flue tiles, and he showed me photographs he had taken of some of the problem areas. He explained that the spaces between the tiles could permit smoke and creosote to escape the flue, which could greatly increase the risk of a chimney fire. J.D. recommended removing the flue tiles and relining the chimney with a stainless steel liner to correct this problem. I agreed to make these repairs, and Chris, Izzy, and Luke came to my home a couple of weeks later to make the repairs. I had a lot of anxiety about this work, because I’m 74, so I’m in a demographic group that is targeted by unscrupulous people who pray on older adults (“you need a new roof, new chimney, new x, y, & z”…all at outrageous prices). So I had a lot of questions before and during the repair. I was impressed that everyone I spoke to at Bailey’s, both the crew and the office staff, were completely willing to answer my questions to my satisfaction, even providing additional information that helped me understand what would be done, how it would be done, and why it was necessary. During the repairs the crew was always willing to let me look over their shoulder as they worked, and they helped me inspect the fireplace (from the bottom and the top) before, during, and after the work had been done. I watched as they began removing the flue tiles, and I could see for myself that smoke really had been deposited on the cinder blocks that contain the flue. In other words, the gaps between the flue tiles really had allowed smoke to escape., so the potential for a flue fire was real. After the repairs were completed, I saw for myself that as a result of the new, smooth flue liner, the “parging”, and the other work that was completed, my chimney’s interior was much smoother. This is important because it reduces turbulence in the flue gases (smoke, etc), and so my fireplace should “draw” better, leading to easier ignition, fewer maintenance issus, and better overall performance. The best part of this experience was Bailey’s staff, all of whom were friendly, respectful, courteous, and competent. I have never had better repair/service people in my home than Chris, Izzy, J.D. and Luke. I wouldn’t be able to think of a complaint or criticism even if you paid me. I won’t pretend that these repairs were cheap. But the work took nearly two full days, and I’m sleeping better because…based on my own observations of the work that was done…I’m sure a chimney fire is now extremely unlikely. I recommend Bailey’s Chimney services without reservation, and I will continue to use them to clean and maintain my fireplace and dryer vent.

Response from the owner:
Thank you for your detailed and thorough review. We really appreciate you taking the time to describe the process of a chimney restoration from your perspective. It’s really helpful to us and also to our current and prospective clients.
I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you’ve taken the time to write this.
Warm Regards,
Justin Bailey

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