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A customer from today posted this review on our face book page and on our google places page:

WOW Baileys just saved the lives of my dog Samantha and I.....I called them to clean the chimney so I could use the fireplace this winter in the place I rent...they have a GREAT REPUTATION...THOROUGH CONSCIENTIOUS. So I was really pleased at the work they did on the fireplace... But here's the thing that may have saved our lives... Bailey's offers a free dryer vent exam when they clean your fireplace and chimney ....I asked them to look at mine and Justin found that the dryer vent was disconnected...and with a gas dryer that means carbon monoxide can be released INTO YOUR we have been breathing it for awhile, and all that lint was blowing BACK INTO the dryer which is a major fire hazard. GEEZ I thought I was doing enough by cleaning the lint trap when I used it....nope. They are cleaning the whole thing now! Thanks Justin for going above and beyond the call of duty....Samantha and I are grateful.

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