Pat Rael, on the left in the photo below, started at Bailey’s in 2016 as an office assistant. He is now our highest rated, most productive field technician. He recently earned a Bachelor’s degree, graduating summa cum laude. He completed his studies while raising three kids, coaching some of them in Little League all stars. He is also a founder at Prodigy Church in Taos, where he serves as Pastor. He and his lovely wife Menesha (she took this photo) have become expert nutritionists and health experts in recent years. Before Covid, the whole family enjoyed regular jujitsu sessions that they would take part in all together as a family unit.

To Pat’s right is Jared Padilla, one of our newer hires. Jared does a great job as a helper and we are glad to have him on our team.

Pat and Jared are pictured in front of one of the three 4×4 pickups in our fleet that enable us to get to all of our jobs regardless of weather conditions.

Lucas Ebnother is one of our apprentices working out of our Santa Fe warehouse. He’s picking up the trade twice as fast as the usual new hire, so I decided to put a double photo of him up. An experienced blacksmith, he also is an expert baker. Lucas is working his way through the NFI (National Fireplace Institute) Core Knowledge Reference Manual with the goal of becoming an NFI Wood Burning Specialist. He is also eager to become CDET certified in dryer vents. We’ve ordered the latest version of that manual and are excited about Lucas growing with our company.