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At Bailey's Chimney Cleaning and Repair, our mission is helping you be prepared.

That's why, if you ACT SOON, you save $20 on chimney and dryer vent service.  PLUS save ANOTHER $20.00 if you refer us to a neighbor who needs chimney or dryer vent service right before or after your appointment.

I'm sure you agree that's a great reason to get the chimney cleaned during the
summer.  Here are five more good reasons:

1)  Prevent corrosion that happens if creosote is left in the chimney pipes till fall; add years of life to the venting system of your wood heat appliance.

2)  Certified technicians from Bailey's Chimney can do more chimney and dryer
vent repairs on site without having to schedule another service call because our schedule is more flexible in spring.  We also have the time to help you test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

3)  In spring it is easier to group customers by neighborhood, saving gas and reducing our carbon footprint, helping all of us keep costs down and help the planet.

4)  Winter is when mice like to nest in your dryer and dryer vent.  Now is the time to check for, eliminate and prevent this fire and health hazard.  We can get that mouse nest out of your dryer vent and repair any damage it caused.

5)  Get the chimney cleaned in the spring and you can relax in the fall, when a good chimney sweep is hard to find.

Don't miss this opportunity!  If you live in the Santa Fe area call 505-988-2771  

If you live closer to Taos call 575-770-7769  to schedule.

Or send an email to .

Kind Regards,

Justin Bailey

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