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To us, respect means having integrity in business and treating others the way we would like to be treated.  

We respect your home.  Our goal: your home will be cleaner when we are finished with our work, (whether its a chimney cleaning or a wood stove installation) than it was when we started.  

We respect your time.  We strive to show up when your appointment is scheduled, and if we get behind in our day, we call  and let you know when we expect to arrive so you are not waiting for us, wondering if we plan on showing up.  

We respect your individuality.  We understand that everyone is different and that different people have different needs.  We do everything we can to meet your needs when it comes to your chimney, your dryer vent and your safety.

We also respect ourselves and the service we provide.   We are keepers of the fire.  Our service is do what is necessary to make sure that fire is your servant, not your master.   

We believe that service is a calling.  Being of service is what we are here for.  Our work can be difficult but the respect we have for service keeps us cheerful and positive.  

This outlook enables us to serve you better.  

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1470 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte (Unit #2) El Prado, NM 87529
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