Pat Rael, on the left in the photo below, started at Bailey’s in 2016 as an office assistant. He is now our highest rated, most productive field technician. He recently earned a Bachelor’s degree, graduating summa cum laude. He completed his studies while raising three kids, coaching some of them in Little League all stars. He is also a founder at Prodigy Church in Taos, where he serves as Pastor. He and his lovely wife Menesha (she took this photo) have become expert nutritionists and health experts in recent years. Before Covid, the whole family enjoyed regular jujitsu sessions that they would take part in all together as a family unit.

To Pat’s right is Jared Padilla, one of our newer hires. Jared does a great job as a helper and we are glad to have him on our team.

Pat and Jared are pictured in front of one of the three 4×4 pickups in our fleet that enable us to get to all of our jobs regardless of weather conditions.

Angie from Angie’s List says there are 15,000 house fires every year caused by dryer vents.  That’s why Bailey’s Chimney Cleaning & Repair made the investment to become the only company in New Mexico certified in dryer vent technology.  We offer a free dryer vent evaluation with every chimney cleaning we do.

I’m a chimney wizard.

These are some of the things I sell.  

Double-wall and single-wall sections of stovepipe in various telescoping lengths, and elbows, 45 and 90 degree. Class A insulated chimney sections from 18′ to 48′ in galvalume or stainless, caps, flashings, roof supports, connector-adaptors, flue extensions, storm collars, support boxes, round ceiling supports, dryer vent parts, periscopes and transition ducts and rigid 4″ galvanized and aluminum venting, close clearance elbows, heat resistant caulking, fatwood kindling, ACS creosote destroyer in spray and powder, furnace mortar, stove gasket.   

Why not sell something big–like cars or RV’s or airplanes?  Why not sell something small and expensive, like jewelry, diamonds, contraband?  Or something etherial that doesn’t have to be picked up and carried around, like words, information.   

I don’t know: I sell chimney stuff, mainly because I’m really good at installing it, I’m like the fastest gun in the west with chimney stuff, a cordless drill in each hand when I’m putting that stuff together, my tool belt on.  I know exactly which pieces match up with which other pieces, and which brands, manufacturers’ parts have which characteristics, and what makes it work.  

Or if in your case and it isn’t working, I know exactly why, all I have to do is come look at it, and I know which parts from which companies you can match up with with which parts from other companies if something from the other company is too expensive or unavailable for some reason.  

Sometimes customers just stand there watching me work. 

And it doesn’t matter how high your chimney is or how high your roof is, I’ll get right up there.  I’ll hang ladders from the peak of a pitched roof.  I walk across the ridge of an A-Frame house like a tightrope walker, chimney rods for a balance pole.  

Plus I’m organized.  I know exactly where all of my tools are so I don’t waste time looking for stuff.

My workers are covered by worker’s comp insurance.  

I have $2 million worth of general liability insurance.  

I can pretty much glance at your chimney when I drive up to your house and know exactly who manufactured it, in what country, what its missing, what size diameter it is, whether it vents a wood stove or a fireplace, or a woodstove inside a fireplace, and whether the fireplace is factory built or masonry, and after a closer look I can maybe even tell you who installed it if its a wood stove or built it if its a fireplace, if its located in Taos, NM.  

If everything is just right, and was installed in the 80’s, and its Canadian made Security brand Stainless Class A Chimney installed with a roof support and ceiling trim collar, and the double-wall louvered black stovepipe has faded from a sparkly black color over the years to a dusty dark-gray, it would have been installed by my grandfather. 

If you have a chimney that needs to be installed, swept, inspected, cleaned, or repaired, the name of my company is Bailey’s Chimney Cleaning & Repair.  I have offices in Taos and Santa Fe and we service all of North-Central New Mexico.  

We are the only company in New Mexico certified in BOTH chimney and dryer vent technology by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.  

Taos office: 575-770-7769

Santa Fe office: 505-988-2771