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Today started off like this, with a stovepipe to un-clog.


I love being of service.

It gives meaning to my life--and pays the bills too.

And ends up like this, after my 1st hike up the ridge, at 12,500 (or so)  feet, with the whole ridge all to myself and a pretty view of Wheeler peak and the bowl of mountains that surround Williams Lake to visible off to the East, on my skis:

And then after the 2nd hike up the ridge, (I'm getting used to this hike, it almost just feels like a stroll up the neighborhood street) looking at the view to the North before jetting off the cornice: there is Lobo Peak, Gold Hill and way off in the distance Mt. Baldy in Colorado; and right below me under that cornice, some still-soft snow to ski, an avalanche chute

 called "Ninos Heroes."

Being up there, after a brisk walk wearing ski boots and carrying skis, breaking a sweat, legs warmed up, feeling 100 percent alive all by myself not lonely at all.


I forgot what those are.    

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