Frederic Laloux

Sam's first damper removal.

Sam Cartwright’s first damper removal.

A bit about the owner, Justin Bailey

When I was in my early 20's I got heavily into rock climbing. Every cent I earned from whatever job I had at the time went into climbing gear and I got very strong and agile. I loved climbing not because it was easy; it wasn't easy. I loved…
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Fire extinguishers expire

Did you know that fire extinguishers expire after 12 years? We carry fire extinguishers in our trucks and our shops because a lot of people do not have them, or the ones they have are expired. We sell them at our cost, as a service to the community.…
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Meet Pat & Jared

Pat Rael, on the left in the photo below, started at Bailey's in 2016 as an office assistant. He is now our highest rated, most productive field technician. He recently earned a Bachelor's degree, graduating summa cum laude. He completed his…