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A bit about the owner, Justin Bailey

When I was in my early 20’s I got heavily into rock climbing. Every cent I earned from whatever job I had at the time went into climbing gear and I got very strong and agile. I loved climbing not because it was easy; it wasn’t easy. I loved it not because it was comfortable; […]

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Fire extinguishers expire

Did you know that fire extinguishers expire after 12 years? We carry fire extinguishers in our trucks and our shops because a lot of people do not have them, or the ones they have are expired. We sell them at our cost, as a service to the community. At Bailey’s, chimney cleanings/inspections come with a […]

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Sam Cartwright

Sam Cartwright is one of our sweeps in training to become a certified tech. He has a wealth of home improvement and building trades experience, starting with his first job at age 15 as a handyman’s helper. He also enjoys fixing cars. We are really excited to work with him because he focuses his attention […]

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John Sauter a Bailey’s certified tech

John Sauter is one of our certified techs. He enjoys gardening, working on vehicles, and spending time with his family of 5. He has been with Bailey’s since 2015, and has put his mechanical skills to good use as an installer of many dozens of chimneys and chimney liners. He is an important part of […]

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Ben Nuhn brings – creative and technical knowledge and experience

Ben Nuhn brings a wealth of creative and technical knowledge and experience to Bailey’s. We like to hire creative people with technical expertise, because they tend to have lots of practice focussing their attention like a laser to accomplish a task, which enables them to easily enter the “flow” state. Another one of our outstanding […]

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Have you talked to Doreenda & Santana yet?

General Manager Doreenda Martinez and Administrative Assistant Santana Padilla keep busy day in and day out answering phones and emails, dispatching chimney crews, and handling all the administrative elements of Bailey’s Chimney, LLC. Santana joined our team this past summer and has shown that she is a very capable, dedicated, and thorough member of our […]

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Chris Privette – technical/construction problem solver

Chris Privette is one of the best technical/construction problem solvers I’ve had the chance to work with. I knew he was a keeper when he and Pat Rael (featured elsewhere in this thread) in a chimney restoration job, had to replace a portion of combustible wood-frame wall with metal studs for the fireplace to meet […]