I’ve looked at the competitions’ web presence, and its clear that overall baileyschimney.com is the best chimney sweep’s website in New Mexico, and our social media presence is off the charts compared to our competition.

This is a testament to the commitment we at Baileys have to keep up with the times and utilize current technology to make our business more effective and efficient. We use digital photo technology, online schedules that send automatic email reminders to our customers, and spreadsheets to track inventory, projects, and customers who live in outlying areas, so that we can better serve you.

Bailey’s Chimney had a record-breaking May and then a record-breaking June, sales-wise. Our Spring into Summer Sale has never been so popular and successful as it was this year.

Fire Season is upon us: as we head into July, there are five active wild-fires in New Mexico. This is a reminder of what we do for a living–Fire Safety. If you or anyone you know needs a spark arrestor for their chimney that will prevent the start of new wild-fires, let us know. We make, sell, and install spark arrestors.

In the chimney business we use July to relax a little and catch up with administrative duties, catch up with taxes, and get ready for the upcoming busy season, which starts in August. If the phone rings, I’ll answer it though, so if you need some chimney service, don’t hesitate to call!

I hope you have a great summer!

Every time I go to do chimney work in Santa Fe, it rains there. My new helper, Ted, pitches his tent in the yard. The rain soon follows. If you live in Santa Fe, and you would like it to rain, call us and schedule your chimney service. Results are guaranteed. Bailey’s Chimney: drought relief services.

Really excited to be working with Jeff Heveron on the new website. Jeff has been patient and professional and a pleasure to work with. What a great designer. His website is Jeffswebservice.com.